Who Am I?

That's a rather deep question, don't you think? 

Introducing (Incredi) Kate - The Super Artist Wannabe

When I was a little girl, my music teachers identified that despite having seriously tiny hands, I demonstrated an aptitude for music. On the premise of "making the most of what you've got", as a big girl I went on to complete various degrees and post-graduate degrees in music, education and organisational communications.    

I live in Brisbane, Australia, where it is sunny, hot and humid for a large proportion of the year and enjoy a busy and fulfilling life raising my three beautiful little boys.  I love to travel and dream of exploring the world with my paintbrush in hand.

Essentially, I've always wondered whether music was the only art-form I'd ever show any aptitude for, or whether I might have some success with other artistic pursuits.  I tried dancing and that was a disaster for poor old un-coordinated me, so visual arts was the next endeavour to try.  I tried an art class and fell in love with this form of expression. 

Art Finds Kate is an artistic journal where I visually share with you the art which results from a combination of the snatched moments and pleasurable hours I've spent dabbling with various artistic mediums and different forms and styles of expression. 

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy creating it and sharing it with you!