Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Quick "Just Because" Doodle


I've been pondering lately what art means to me and the role it plays in my life. To my dismay, it's been feeling of a never ending merry-go-round where the more questions I answer, the more, in return I create.

With this in mind, it was such a relief to have an epiphany yesterday evening. As I sat still watching some "mummy time" telly, I suddenly realised (or was it remembered?) that to enjoy my artistic journey, I don't always need to be trying to create the next "masterpiece". I think, for a little while, I was kind of forgetting that and getting caught up on always trying to improve or be "perfect". <Sigh!> It's one of the perils of being a perfectionist...

Anyway, I realised that as long as I was enjoying the process of creating, whether I spend twenty hours or twenty minutes on any given piece is fine. And more than that, that not everything I create has to in turn undergo rigorous evaluation and be judged or assessed to be of value (although this is, of course, a very useful learning tool when I'm wanting to improve my technique or skill level).

I realised that at times, I can feel the same sense of satisfaction with a doodle in a scrappy old notebook which has my son's name scribbled out on the front cover as I can with an artwork I slaved hours of my life over.

With this sentiment in mind, I present my twenty minute doodle.  It was inspired by a family outing to Scarborough on Sunday, a small beach-side village, located just north of Brisneyland.  Whilst there, my children delighted in climbing the giant Moreton Bay Fig Trees while I relaxed and whiled away some time lying on my back staring at the branches and the sky. In that precise moment, I was at one with nature and life was pretty good.

Now, if only I could remember to apply this principle to all aspects of my life from time to time!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you 'round soon,



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