Monday, 12 August 2013

Fuschia Fairy - Part I

How weird is it that you spell fuschia, "F.U.S.C.H.I.A"?*

The spelling is so tricky I'm thinking of starting a petition on  I personally think we should spell it as we would say it.  A couple of options I am considering are as follows:

1.  Few-sha

Short and sweet.  My biggest concern with this version is I worry that my Aussie accent may influencing the spelling. ie:"By jingo, you'd call that bee-you-ti-fool flower a few-sha, mate."  See what I mean? Or am I just being over-sensitive?

2. Phew-shar

I like this version but I worry it could easily be misinterpreted. ie: "Awwww, pwoaaarrrr! Jeeeeez, *PHEW*, Shar! Did you have to?"  Hmmmmm...

3.  Feeee-youuuu-schhhhhheeee-arrrrrrhhhhhh

Don't know about this one. I worry it makes the flower sound like a cross between a ninja and a pirate.
 ie: "Feeee-you-schhhhh-eeee-arrrrrrhhhhh, me hearties!" the pirate captian cried, as he twirled his flowery numchucks with gleeful abandon.

I give up.  Too hard.  Fuschia stays.

Today's effort is being painted using my favourite pastel pencils for my friend Fuschia Fairy ("FF" for short).  FF loves growing fuschias.  She really does.  As such, if this painting works I'm going to give it to her.  Cross your fingers for me that the painting improves as I go.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you around soon!


(*Yes, I know it can be spelt other ways, but this particular version had the most hits on Google, so it stays.)


  1. I think that you have made a great start to your painting! I particularly like the coloring and depth of the flowers. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the picture emerge.

  2. Thank you Darren. I'm glad that it is OK so far and that you like it!



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