Friday, 17 February 2012

To Draw You Must Close Your Eyes & Sing

To draw you must close your eyes and sing.  
~ Pablo Picasso

As I quickly approach my one year anniversary for "trying" an art class, it felt like serendipity to discover this quote which brings together my life-long love for music and a newly acquired passion for visual art, particularly as today's artwork has been created using my pastels - a wonderful blend of drawing and painting.

I've decided to call this artwork Longing.  It was created on Canson Mi Tientes pastel paper (black), and used a combination of my Art Spectrum and Conte Pastels.  It measures roughly 38cm x 27cm, so it is actually rather large.  I'm not entirely convinced my computer screen is actually doing the picture justice.

For those who may be interested in the process I used to create the artwork, I primarily worked in the darkest colours first, then added the mid tones, and finally added the lights at the very end.  I've heard that it is because it is a lot harder to maintain that "glowy" quality of pastels when you try to add a dark over a light, whereas it is easier to add a light over a dark.  Who knows, I guess it has some merit.  I'll have to play around with the concept a little more to see if it really is true!

To try and create her beautiful and smooth skin-tone, I've used a variety of green, purple, terracotta, cream, pink and blue carefully blended to try and create luminosity. To try and maintain a sense of vitality about the painting, some pastel has been added as lines with minimal blending, such as on her veil and in certain sections on her hair and around her lips.  I decided to leave the black Canson paper showing at the back and side, in order to add additional visual impact.  Yes, I did close my eyes at times and sing a little song, just as Picasso suggested and truly relished in the sense of freedom I experienced as I went about creating this artwork.

I would once again urge you, if you have not tried, to go and try some form of artistic expression.  You never know what you may just create.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  1. Very good - I like it very much! You have done well to make the skin so smooth and glowing. Well done!


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