Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mmm... What a Delicious Pear!

Goodness me, I really must stop reading Shades of Grey.

After reading numerous double entendre's for the last couple of hundred pages, this book has now affected me so that my blog post titles have become smutty.  Sorry about that.  This must stop, or what will become of my blog?  I shudder to consider the notion! Think pure and pristine thoughts, Kate.  Pure and pristine.  Perhaps to counter the filthiness, I should go back to reading Enid Blyton with Dick, John and Fanny?

Today's little offering is an acrylic still life of Pears in Blue Bowl.  I know, my creativity for a painting title is utterly astounding, isn't it?  I painted it in Miss Kathy's art class on Thursday over a couple of hours.  It was very relaxing and I really enjoyed the experience.  I'm now trying to think of what fruit I should paint next.  A banana perhaps?  An artichoke?  Now that's an interesting thought!

I can honestly say that after my experience, I'd encourage everyone to grab a couple of pears and give still life painting a try.  You never know, you may just find your inner goddess!

'Till my next artistic adventure,



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