Monday, 16 July 2012

Not Happy, Kate!


I hope this finds you all well and happy!  Life has been chaotically busy these past few weeks, but after receiving a lovely gift of some oil pastels today, I felt like I really needed a quick art "fix" to restore my equilibrium.  Thank you very much secret gift giver for such a fun gift! :-)

I wasn't sure initially what I was going to paint today, so I was wandering around my house, art pastels and paper pad in hand when I spied my lovely old furry man - Mister Ninny.  Mister Ninny is 96 years old in people years and in his old age is starting to get ever so slightly cantankerous.  When the kids complain about his (c)attitude issues, I remind them that if they were his age, they'd probably be feeling pretty darn well cross at the world too. Particularly when presented with a bowl full of boring old Whiskers day after day.

"Hello, darling Mister Ninny!" I cooed, reaching out my hand for a scratch between the ears.  He promptly gave me an utterly disdainful look and then slowly (he is getting close to receiving a letter from the queen after all) and deliberately turned around and sat stock still, thereby presenting me with his backside.

I knew what he was doing. 
 I'm sure he knew what he was doing.
Mooning me.  

I guess he considers it payback for the seventeen odd children who were running around my house yesterday at one of my children's birthday parties, causing all sorts of noise and disrupting his attempted gentle slumber at the foot of my bed.

Mister Ninny was painted quickly in around 20 minutes today.  I think I'm relatively pleased with the free flow of the painting and I do feel like it has some great energy.  Proportions?  I'm not sure.  Still, I feel pleased to have captured this little moment in our lives.  It's one for the history books, that's for sure.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to.

I'll see you around!



  1. Love the painting of Mister Ninny. And the cats in this house do exactly that to us too.

  2. Thanks for writing Jan, I love that your cats also share this trait! Mister Ninny has only just recovered from his (c)attitude issues of the past week and has now decided to sleep right in the middle of my bed where I normally like put my legs in bed. I'm thinking he's doing it on purpose. Oh well, I love him anyway! ;-)


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