Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm No Rembrandt! (Part 1)

I know.  It's obvious to you that I'm not.  I mean, I'm a girl for starters...

The thing is, I really did had high hopes that I would  be the next up and coming modern day Rembrandt as I tore of the security sealed plastic on my first every box of Rembrandt branded pastels earlier this afternoon.

I really did.


And yes, I still believe in Santa Claus in case you are wondering.

And the Easter Bunny.

And the Tooth Fairy.

A girl has to dream.

Anyway, for just a moment as I opened the box of the famous Rembrandt brand pastel sticks (well famous amongst pastel artists anyway), I thought these little sticks of pigment and binder would somehow give my fingers magical pastel super powers and that I'd suddenly emerge as the next. Hot. Thing.

And guess what?

They didn't.

I'm still me, darn it.

Part 1 - under-painting of some agapanthus

Perhaps the problem is I should have worn a beret as I opened the box?

Oh the perils and heartache of being a wannabe artist.

Stay tuned for the finished piece over the next day or so!


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