Thursday, 4 October 2012

Quarter Finish Girl...


Long time no see.  In case you were worried about me, I haven't stopped creating and painting.  No sir.

More than anything, birthday party planning and execution (I use that last word in the good way context, not in the bad way going to gaol context), school carnival helping, working, working some more, holiday mayhem handling, contending with bouts of gastro and sorting out tantrums (mostly mine) has seriously impeded my ability to be calm and have enough time to pursue artistic output these past few weeks.

I know, I know.... Poor me!  (Well, not really.  There are many other things in the world to feel sorry about, me not getting my act together to paint or draw really doesn't qualify.  I know that.)

Still, I've tried to snatch a couple of moments here and there to calm myself down and set about creating.  The biggest problem I've discovered I'm suffering from at the moment, however is "quarter-finished-itis".  This sudden malady seems to have come out of nowhere and is now so bad that everything I start, I get a quarter of the way through and then suddenly think "Nyeh - think I'll leave it for now" with the pure of heart intention to go back and finish it - without actually doing so.  To prove it, here are just two of the works that I have managed to start these past few weeks and have only a quarter finished:

Yep, you are right, the first is another painting of a jacaranda tree.  I so love these trees and after I sold my first painting that featured jacaranda trees earlier this year, I have missed it so much that I thought I would paint another.  This one is going OK, but there are some problem areas I need to address and of course, there are many areas which are only under-painted.  Sigh!

The second is a pencil drawing (using only a pacer, because I couldn't be bothered trying to find all my other pencils) of a Namibian girl from the Wet Canvas Reference Library.  Yes, she does look mighty grumpy here, probably because I haven't finished her I'd imagine.  I'd be pretty annoyed too if someone bothered to draw my eyes, lips and nose and then didn't bother to draw some hair on my head.

I chose to draw her just to see how my skills are coming along.  So far, I'm not really thinking they are that much up to chop.  Oh well.  The worst thing about quarter finished itis is that whilst she's looking strangely bald, she's starting to look to me like she's meant to be that way - I think my eyes are waaaayyyy over adjusting!


Wish me luck getting past this little malady!  And bits of advice you can give to assist me with getting over the hurdle toward finishing these artworks would be greatly received.  (So far my strategy has been with other works to go "Rip - Scrunch - Toss" not a particularly satisfying result.)

I'll see you around in the near future!

[Edit:  To see an update of what happened with these artworks, click here.]


  1. Wow, you're so talented! They are both so beautiful and inspiring and they aren't even done yet. You've got talent, Missy! :)

  2. You are very kind. My children would say that is a lovely "build up!" :-)


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