Monday, 31 December 2012

Farewell 2012! Reflecting on the Year That Was...

Hi There

~~~~Happy New Year!!!!!!!~~~~

Can you believe yet another year is over? I'm in a state of shock that it is the 31st of December. How'd that happen? I consider my shock has not been helped as a result of my eight year old bouncing into my bedroom at 7.00am this morning, waking me with an over-exuberant "Yee-ha! Pinch and a ~punch~ for the first of the month - White rabbit! HAH!  I said "white rabbit"!  That means you can't get me back now. Tee-hee-hee!". (He later claimed that his confusion of dates was caused by the fact that this year was a leap year and that because of this, today really would in a normal year have been the first of the first.  Smart alec.  I'm lying in wait for 12.01am tomorrow morning... ;-))

Anyhoo, I can't believe that this is the *second* time that I've had a chance to reflect here on my wee blog about my artistic year that was.   Upon reflection (and we all know by now how much I *love* reflecting!) I can say I've really enjoyed 2012,  artistically wise anyway, even though my overall output has been a little down on last year.  Output, shmoutput, right?

I can say I truly feel like most days I paint and draw and colour and create, I'm not really making any progress or developing my technique. In fact, on a bad day, I feel like I'm going backward.

I'm so pleased however, to realise that when I compare where I am now, as of 31 December 2012, against where I was in February 2011, I can really see that I've made progress and that makes this whole journey incredibly worthwhile.

To show you what I mean, I've decided that I'll wrap up 2012 by showing you a comparison of artworks from this year, against paintings from early 2011. Brace yourself...

Picture one is a pastel of Twinkle Eyes I've created this year:

And here is my attempt at painting Twinkle Eyes in 2011:

Don't worry, I frighten myself every time I look at that picture too!  (Is it just me or should that painting be titled I'm Coming to Get You (followed by creepy music)?)

Goodness, I'm on a roll now!  Here's another one, especially for you (oh, all right, for *ME*) to further illustrate my progress.  Below is my pencil drawing of "Chucky, the (not so) Wonder Baby", drawn in 2011:

And here is a picture of my cutie-pie nephew from this year:

Awwww, bless him, isn't he cute?

Looking at these couple of paintings and the progress of my artistic journey, I can only but wonder what 2013 will bring.  Hopefully lots more improvement coupled with an ever increasing amount of joy.

I'll finish with thanking you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and visiting me on my blog this past year.  I've loved every visit and every comment you've taken the time to write. I look forward to sharing more of my artworks throughout 2013!


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