Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dragging My Feet With My Dragonfly

Hi All!

Apologies in advance if this post is full of such rubbish you can't believe you wasted your time stopping by my blog isn't terribly succinct.  For some unknown reason I nobly decided to throw a Christmas party for each of my children.  By Thursday afternoon, over thirty (although I'm sure it must really be three hundred) children  will have passed through my home.  As a result, I must say that I am feeling a tad tuckered.  I don't know how party planners do it on a regular basis!  Perhaps this has affected today's offering? 

This little creation is a watercolour and black felt tip texta (borrowed from one of my children) combo.  I feel like this was an excellent concept, it's just that the practical implementation is... well.... lacking something.  (Like looking good.  Hey!  I did warn you I was tired today.)

Oh well, at least I tried right?  I think I might try drawing a dragonfly again, just to show myself that I can create something that is half decent.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by.  Sorry it wasn't terribly impressive.   I actually am feeling like I should be doing more Christmassy stuff as the big day draws near.

The thing is, I always try to draw or paint things I love.  I'm wondering whether doing a painting of a mince pie might be pushing it though?

On that note,

See you 'round,


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