Friday, 22 June 2012

Part 1: Little Girl Green (& Purple & Orange...)


I hope this finds you well and happy.  Today's post features my latest pastel painting of a little girl from WetCanvas' Reference Library.  For those not in the know, Wet Canvas is this amazing website that is inspirational and educational.  Best of all, you get to learn heaps and heaps for *free* (you should all know by now that I do love a bargain!).

I've decided to brave my pastel sticks and take part in June's spotlight challenge.  It is an opportunity for Wet Canvas members to come together and explore and learn about a different topic each month relating to all things art.  This month, the focus is on all things edges.  Hard edges, soft edges, disappearing edges, I have no idea what I'm doing edges...  (Can you guess where I'm at?)

I'm feeling a bit scared to consider putting myself 'out there' by posting my work on a website frequented by professional artists, but I decided to suck it up, be a big girl and ask for feedback.  It's in my best interests for future growth and development, right?  I mean, you do agree, it IS a good idea, right?  Right? RIGHT?!  (Oh gosh, what am I getting myself into?!)

As you can see, "Little Girl" isn't finished yet.  As you can see by her clothes.  And her hair.  I'm not sure about her face yet.  I wrote that comment about her face because the thing I've learnt about art is, to be honest, that I'm looking at her face today and thinking she's looking reasonably good, but I'm not sure I'm going to look at her and be horrified tomorrow.  For this reason I thought I'd better post her while the artistic equivalent of "beer goggles" are firmly in place.

She's formally titled "Little Girl Green (& Purple & Orange)" because if you look closely, you'll see her skin is actually comprised of all these colours.  You can see on her arm, for instance (or her hair where I haven't finished yet, that she is currently purple and green as well as that terribly politically incorrect "skin" colour pastel.  Although I'm actually yet to meet anyone with skin that colour.  Kinda like I'm yet to meet a person who has "Bandaid" skin colour.  Sorry, I digress.. 

Oh and by the way, this painting is my attempt to recreate a photo posted by Jocelynsart.  I have to reference the source when I use it in order to be a good girl and not break copy right law.  Sadly, I can't show you the original reference photo due to copyright reasons, but if you click on the Wetcanvas "Spotlight Link" I provided above, you can see it there.  So a big thanks from me, Jocelyn!  (If that is your real name....  Sorry,  am planning a 'Spy Party' at the moment for one of my children - everything has suddenly become incredibly suspicious...)

Stay tuned for my final painting over the next couple of days.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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