Friday, 10 August 2012

Baby Ballerina: Part 1


No, I haven't been hiding a secret baby from you all.  This pastel portrait is of a little girl who I discovered in the Wet Canvas Reference Library.  I love that website!  Go and have a look if you are into anything and everything art.  One of the great things about its library is that whilst  I'm not allowed to reproduce the photo, I do have permission to use the image to create artworks.  I'd even have permission to sell them if I wanted to without impinging on any copyright issues.  Isn't that cool?

So far I'm relatively happy with baby ballerina.  I still have a long way to go to be able to call her finished, but I thought you may like to see a progress shot.

I have a feeling that this may very well take me ages to finish - I've posted this after four or five hours worth of work.  You can probably notice that there are barely any parts of the painting I would consider finished at this point.  Oh well.  Sometimes creating can be taken at a slightly slower and more relaxed pace.

I just hope I don't stuff it up.  That's the dark side of art.

Stay tuned over the next little while to see progress shots of baby ballerina.  Cross your fingers that she works!

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