Friday, 16 November 2012

Peekaboo, I See You! (Part 1)

Hi There!

I hope that you've all had a wonderful week full of fun, love and adventure. (Don't you just love it when I'm in an optimistic mood?  Must be because the kids are actually cooperating this morning as they get ready for school.  A miracle, perhaps?)

Today's offering is the start of a pastel painting I'm creating of a baby possum wrapped in a blanket:

I ask you, what is it about babies being wrapped in a wee little blanket?  It just makes them so adorable!  This little baby has been created using a mix of pastel pencils on Mi Tientes paper, with a violet/grey type hue.  It's taken me around two - three hours to get it to this point so far.  Time flies when you are having fun!

Wish me luck as I continue on with this little artwork.  The next part to tackle is the little knitted blankie that the possum is wrapped in (which is the outline you can see).  Given I've been known to drop the odd stitch or miss a row when I've tried knitting in the past, I have a feeling it might become a bit of a battle.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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