Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter! The First Taste....

Happy Easter to you all!

Given it's the chocolate consumption holiday of the year, I decided to honour it by completing my own Easter inspired artwork.  I initially thought about painting a fluffy chicken, a bunny rabbit or a bilby (don't ask), but decided I'd try and do something a little different.  (I must confess that this painting was also inspired by my other children saying to me "It's not fair that you have featured Twinkle Eyes on your blog, and not me.  WAAAAAHHHHH I wanna be on your blog too!"   Oh, there's nothing quite like a mummy-induced guilt trip to inspire me, I can tell you!)

As such, I'd like you to all meet Angel Eyes, in an artwork inspired by the first time he ever sampled a piece of chocolate.  Hopefully you can see from the hopeful expression in his eyes as he looks upward that  "Hmmmm, this tastes yummy - are you sure I'm allowed to eat it?":

In case you are wondering, yes,this is one of those pastel works which I can't work out at this stage whether I'm happy with it or not.  Sometimes I find it so annoying that I can't see things with fresh eyes that others can.  I'm hoping that it is something that will improve as I gain more experience.  This artwork was doubly hard, because it was the first time I've featured a hand in an artwork (Eek!) and tried to ensure the hair is as delicate as his is in real life (Double Eek!).

Oh well, Angel Eyes is now happy that he has finally had his moment of glory on my blog and I can only hope that I won't look back at this in a few day's time and think "What were you thinking?"

Thank you ever so much for stopping by to see what I've been up to - I'd like to wish you all an incredibly peaceful, restful and relaxing Easter.

I hope to see you 'round here again sometime soon!


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