Sunday, 15 April 2012

More experimentation


Following my last post where I divulged a secret personality quirk with you all, I went to art class later that same evening with Ms Kathy, who subsequently encouraged me and my other brave classmates to go even crazier with Turpentine experimentation.

This time, rather than using pencils to create an under-drawing on the paper, we used oil pastels to paint little studies on Rains paper.

After finishing our paintings, we each grabbed a paintbrush, dipped it in Turps, and then painted with it, over the top of the pastel. Ms Kathy encouraged us to go crazy with the pastels and draw anything that captured our imagination - Yay for artistic freedom!

Here are two of my little studies from art class, each taking around 20 minutes to complete (shown roughly actual size):

When I look at these images, I find it rather amusing how for some reason they make me have an instant association with those crazy "Uncover your inner-most secret personality by choosing your favourite picture" type articles that you sometimes read in a gossip magazine.  You know the ones - if you pick the blue image, it means you are a calm, deep person who likes swimming in crystal clear, mountainous lakes; if you picked the red picture, you are passionate, energetic, volatile and are likely to enjoy eating chilli; if you picked the electric orange with purple and green purple polka-dots, well you just explained why people think you are a tad "unusual".

So... Tell, me, which picture do you prefer?  And more importantly, tell me - what does it say about you? ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you around here sometime soon!


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