Thursday, 26 April 2012

Working on Jo Beans


Sorry I didn't get around to posting another poppy picture, life has been super crazy these past few days.  I'm sure to try again a little later this year - consider it on my artistic "To Do" list.  Hmmm, that makes it sound like a chore.  It isn't, but I'm sure you get what I mean...

Anyway, on to today's post.

I have been honoured to ask to paint 'Jo Beans', a beloved fur baby of someone close to someone close to me. (Before you say that last sentence doesn't make any sense, think about it a little. See? It so does.  To me in my current sleep deprived state, at least.)

Kate says painting me is going to be Ruff!

The thing is, that Jo Beans is tricky - because she has a glossy black, short haired coat.  And I've never painted a glossy, short-haired coat before.  Guess what I've learnt? A glossy black coat is not really completely black at all, but shades of blue, violet, brown, grey, sometimes red and green.  The black part is, only hinted at.

Whilst hubby and kidlets have told me that Jo Beans looks like the picture of Jo Beans I'm working from, I have to say I'm not happy. So I'm going to go back to the drawing board. (Yes, the word pun deliberate and is intended to make you groan.  Come on, admit it - that's half the reason you like coming here and visiting me, isn't it?!)

Sorry Jo Beans' Mummy, this may take a little time!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you around soon,



  1. So precious, reminds me of my old doggy Zoff!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, it is greatly appreciated. I'm thrilled to have brought back some memories of a trusted friend.


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