Sunday, 20 May 2012

Blue, Blue, Jo Beans Is Blue....

Does anyone else remember that song from the 1960's, "Love is Blue?"

Well, it has been stuck in my head these past four hours as I've tried yet again to do beautiful little Jo Beans justice.  Can I just say (yet again) that trying to draw a dog with black fur is *really* "Oh my goodness(!)" hard?  It made having the song whirl around my head seem kinda appropriate given the circumstances. (Go on, reminisce by clicking on this link to the original song which I've included here just for you, and recall the heart-felt passion from years gone by.  <Sigh!>)

Now, given my brain works in all sorts of mysterious ways, it just wouldn't be me to not give you that "something a little extra" to explain how this painting has affected my mental processes.  As such, I thought I'd explain it through music, by dedicating my own special version of the lyrics of Love Is Blue especially to you, gorgeous little Jo Beans:

Blue, blue, Jo Beans is blue...
You think she's Black,
But she's blue [yes it's true]. 

Grey, grey, what can I say?
Painting puppy dogs
Gives both pleasure and pain.

Red, Red, my eyes are red,
Drawing Jo Beans made them [sometimes]
Roll back in my head.

Green, Green, Oh I love my art...
Drawing Jo Beans
Has been a blessing for my my heart! 

Jo Beans isn't quite finished.  However, please tell me....  Is she getting there?  Or do I need to go back to the drawing board yet again?

Hubby says she's looking good and Mister Twinkle Eyes says her eyes are no longer "wonky" (love the scientific analysis of a seven year old), but it is up to all of you to tell me if I'm getting her right at last.


Am I?

Let me know!


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