Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dear Boys

Dearest Children of Mine

I just wanted you all to know that as the days rapidly head toward Mother's Day this Sunday, that I love you all very much.  I know I truly am the luckiest Mummy in the whole wide world.

I can promise you all that whilst you sometimes may wonder, I most certainly do not love Blobber the goldfish more than you - although I confess I admire and envy his capacity to forget things very quickly.

Now, where was I again?

Oh yes!  I want you all to know that if you happen to buy me a face-washer that, through a few dexterous twists and  rubber band magic, is transformed into the shape of a rabbit OR if you purchase me an acorn seed with attached googly eyes and big feet from the school's Mother's Day stall this week, then I shall will treasure it always as being the best "rabbit-washer-googly-eyed-creature" I have ever, EVER seen! (Until next year.  At which point, that critter shall become the best "rabbit-washer-googly-eyed-creature" for 2012 I'd ever seen.)

Finally, if Daddy should happen to also consider splurging and decides to buy me a little something in order to thank me for destroying my "young-girl" youthful curves by bringing you three beautiful boys into the world, could you all be a dear and tell him that Mummy wants something sparkly that goes round her neck.

And just to be sure there are no misunderstandings, no, dearest darlings, I do not mean a stick of dynamite - you really have been watching too much TV lately, haven't you?

Here, I'll help you all - Mummy is going to teach you all how to spell a very important word:


Got it darlings?  Written it in your Spelling Book for the week?  I can tell you that it spells "very happy mummy!".

Anyway, I'll end here by thanking you, my darlings, for taking the time to read my letter about how much Mummy loves you.

Truly, each and every day is Mother's Day with all of you around,

Kate (Mummy)


PS:  Yes, I promise I WILL draw Blobber to go in my blog one-day.  Just not today. 

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