Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Question: What Kind of Bird Always Succeeds?

Answer: A Toothless Budgie.

What a Tweet.  Kate used charcoal for the first time in *ages* today!

Get it?!

If you don't, try saying it out loud. [And yes, obviously, I do mean say the post title out loud, not the bwa-ha-ha-ha bit.  Although I give you permission to say that out loud as well if you insist.];-)

Today's post was inspired by my favourite joke from when I was eight years old. At the time, I truly believed my budgie joke was utterly the funniest joke *I* *had* *ever* *heard*.  Oh yes, I'm sure you can tell.  I knew all the oldies and goodies back in the day.

However, the sad thing is that now I'm an adult, for some strange reason whenever I tell this joke no-one seems to laugh.  Sometimes there's not even a corner-of-the-lip twinge.  Hubby believes that one possible reason could be that this joke is not funny. Particularly given that budgies do not have teeth.

Personally, I find the notion preposterous.  (The fact that my joke isn't funny.  Not the fact that budgies don't have teeth.  Of course I know that.  I mean, otherwise we'd see "budgie seed-flavoured toothpaste" and teeny-tiny toothbrushes for sale at the supermarket, right?  Or have I just come up with an inspirational idea?  Hmmmmmm...?)

Oh well.  As long as it makes me laugh, right?

My little finch was drawn on a piece of brown paper using my charcoals for the first time in ages.  I'd forgotten how fun they are to use.

And yes, for anyone who feels compelled to write and tell me the error of my joke, because the featured bird in this picture is not a budgie, I have to say to you yes, I'm totally aware of the discrepancy.

The thing is, I wasn't in the mood for a budgie today and I wanted to capture a little finch that I keep seeing zipping about the tree in my front yard.  And you have to admit "A toothless finch" does not have quite the same ring as "budgie" for my joke.  I'm a purist joke-teller at heart.

Anyway, thanks ever so much for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to.

I hope to see you around soon!


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