Monday, 22 July 2013

Trying Mr Chuckles... (Part 1)

I love Mr Chuckles.  I really do...

And it is true to say that Mr Chuckles, my gorgeous son, is generally a very sweet, happy chappy.  However, holey-toledo and goodness me, when Mr Chuckles decides to get cross, he gets really, really, *really* cross (as demonstrated at this moment as he has just been sent to his room for being naughty. Excuse me, I digress).

Anyway, in honour of his happy and grumpy moods (and to reflect the current state peace and quiet in my house as Mr Chuckles sulks in his bedroom), I have started painting this artwork in honour of my eldest boy in all his grumpy glory, using all my new pastel pencils/pastels that I received for my birthday recently.  On this special day, I received some Conte pastels (the portrait set) and a set of beautiful Caran D'ache pastel blocks and pastel pencils.  Yes, they are really yummy (to use, not to eat). Here's what I've completed so far:

As indicated by the "Part 1" in the title, Mr Chuckles is not finished yet (being painted - being grumpy changes from moment to moment, so I really can't say how long till this latest moody episode is over).

Still, I'm pretty happy with how Mr Chuckles is looking so far.  For privacy reasons, I'm not prepared to post the reference photo, however I can tell you that he is definitely looking like Mr Chuckles, so that's a bonus.  As an added extra, I think perhaps I have finally managed to get his eyes right (they've been a nightmare to paint and something I've really struggled with!) and his skin stone is looking reasonably okay and not too day-glow orange.  Still, there is plenty of opportunity and time to for me to muck it up, so cross your fingers for me that painting continues to go smoothly!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to.  See you 'round soon with the finished painting.

PS:  If this painting is looking kinda familiar to you, it's because I've actually tried to paint Mr Chuckles with this pose earlier this year.  It was a F. L.O.P.  If you feel like having a giggle at Mr Chuckles the first, you can read about it by clicking here.

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