Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Why I Love My Six Year Old...

He can look at the below pastel portrait painting (using my new supplies) and lovingly say:

  "Why Mummy, this is the most beautiful painting of me I have ever seen.  It is mag-ni-fi-cent.  It even almost, kinda, in-a-way-looks-like-me except my face is not flat!"

Giggle, <sigh>.

It's good to try new things and new styles of painting, right?  I must confess that although this isn't exactly a masterpiece (I would classify it as flop), I do quite like the painterly style (or maybe it was just that I liked putting lots of purple pastel in his hair).

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to,


(Seriously now, when am I *ever* going to get better? Surely it will happen one day!) Kate
PS:  Haven't forgotten my wrecked Mr Chuckles painting, it's just it is hard to feel inspired to finish it when I know deep down that I've wrecked it...
PPS:  What is with the two posts in one day?!  I am on a pastel roll, baby!  I can't even blame it on the fumes.


  1. As long as you enjoy trying Kate. My quilts and sewing might improve subtly but it's the process that I like, and usually the end result. I think you do great.

    1. Thank you Jan! Yes, you are right. I really love looking at your quilts - to my eye they are perfect. I went to a quilting exhibit at the QLD Art Gallery and I thought of you! All the quilts there told such interesting stories through their fabric choices and stitching. Amazing!


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