Friday, 26 October 2012

My (Hopefully) International RAOK

Hello there!

Today's post is my attempt to start creating an artwork which I'm hoping will eventually be able to used by me to make someone else happy through a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK).

My fellow artist-wannabe classmate Ms R (you know who you are!) recently went on an overseas holiday to Africa, which included travels to Mozambique.  Whilst she was there she took the most beautiful photographs of people who lived in the village where she was staying.  When I saw the photos upon her return to Brisneyland, I just knew I had to try and paint them using my not so trusty pastels.

Ms R and I got talking and I mentioned that painting of this nature is, for me, more about creating an inner feeling of personal satisfaction, not about making money.

I then suddenly had an idea....  I pledged to Ms R that IF I can manage to create a painting that by some miracle, actually manages to do the beautiful people who feature in the original photographs justice, then I would take great pleasure in sending the painting(s) across the oceans as an artistic Random Act of Kindness gift to the individual(s) whose beautiful face inspired my painting.  She loved the idea and told me that the village is so small, that provided I get a good likeness then if she were to send it, the recipient was sure to receive it.

My only proviso is that if the paintings are a disaster, that I would not send them...

So... this is my first attempt at a pastel painting of a beautiful woman from a little village in Mozambique.  Stay tuned as I work on her over the next little while.  Cross your fingers for me that I can do her justice!

See you soon,


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  1. What a wonderful story and a lovely vision of kindness! I love the look of the painting above with only the eyes coloured - gorgeous!


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