Friday, 19 October 2012

RIP Blobber :-(

This week has been a sad one for my little family.

Blobber the smallest and scaliest member of our family passed away. Blobber was our family's first ever goldfish and he was the best little pet any family could ever ask for. One of the things I loved best about Blobber was that he had "attitude" and he wasn't afraid to show it. (Well, as much attitude as any goldfish could possibly have, anyway.)

My three little darlings discovered him in the late afternoon. They were heart-broken and I was so sad to see them sad that I clearly wasn't thinking straight. As it was nearly dinner time I thought to myself "I'll cook something really easy as I need to comfort them during this sad time" and turned the oven on.

'Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!  What did I just say?!'

It was only as I pulled the "Birds Eye Crumbed Fillet of Fish" box out of the freezer and reached for a tray that I realised that this may not be the most sensitive choice for dinner that night.  Thank goodness I was able to swap the fish for schnitzel!

In memory of Blobber, my boys asked me to create a couple of paintings for them so that they can remember him always.  What you see is my attempt at capturing Blobber's looks and attitude using watercolour paint.  I felt sad painting him, but happy to do something for my boys to ease their pain a little.

'Talk to the fin, baby!'
Thanks for being a member of our family Blobber - you'll be fondly remembered and in our hearts always!

See you soon,



  1. Sorry to hear about Blobber, you've done him proud though with your gorgeous paintings!

  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to post and your kind comment! I keep looking at the empty fish tank and feeling a slight twinge of sadness, so I have a feeling that Blobber Junior will be joining our family soon... ;-)


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