Monday, 2 May 2011

The Wonders of Proper Paper

Go figure! I discovered today that if you use watercolour paints on proper watercolour paper instead of ordinary Xerox paper, it actually makes a difference to how successful the final product looks.

It means you can actually blend layers or washes of paint without the paper falling apart before your eyes AND you stand a teeny-tiny chance of correcting some of mistakes you make when you apply the paint to the paper. Wowzers!  :-)

Today's post is my second ever attempt at using watercolours and features a painting of a plant specimen called Chinese Lantern.  I can't recall seeing this plant in real life, so I have no idea if it looks remotely like the plant or not.  Knowing me, probably not. Still, the kids and the hubby liked it - My six year old even remarked "Good job, Mummy!".  Bless him, you've gotta love a build up like that!

I'm pleased that whilst it still looks incredibly amateurish (and I can see heaps of mistakes), it is at least an improvement on my earlier attempt at painting using this medium.  I get excited when I see progress!

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