Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pencil Practice - It is not what it seems

Hi There!

I feel the need to apologise.

You see, I decided to draw a picture I saw of a little Cambodian boy featured in last weekend's newspaper, The Courier Mail.  (No, for those of you who may wonder, of course I'd never try and sell this picture, I'm not into breaking the law.  He was drawn purely for my own personal practice.)

Anyway - [Mental note to self: get back to the point Kate!] -   I saw his beautiful little face in a photograph and just had to try and draw him. Except when I tried, I discovered it didn't really work. What on earth is going on with his left eye? I swear he didn't have a twitch in the photo!

And then, to my double horror just now when I uploaded the picture, I realised that I needed to assure you and pinkie promise you that I didn't draw him doing anything rude - it's his fourth finger, I promise!

I feel a little annoyed to see that I still need to work more on improving my drawing abilities. Oh well. I guess when you've only started this art caper a few months ago, you need to expect it to take time for everything to fall in place.  And. I. Must. Continue. To. Be. Patient. <sigh> 

On a positive note however, I felt terribly bold today because I actually tried to draw a hand for the first time. I consider it isn't too bad for a first attempt.  (Not terribly good, either, unfortunately.  Double oh well.)

Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to.

If I could draw a picture of it, I'd salute you! (Except I can't. Not yet, anyway! Still it is always something to aspire towards, right?)

See you 'round!


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