Thursday, 8 March 2012

From My Window - Still Life - Part 3 (Finished!)

Can I just say that this painting has been an absolute nightmare from start to finish to paint.  I cannot even begin to think of how many litres of paint I've wasted fixing up continual mistakes in tone, perspective, line and just about any other artistic term you'd like to think of or even invent.  You think I'm kidding?  Go back and have a look at my earlier posts about this little number and you'll know I'm telling the absolute truth.

Ta-da!  It may look simple, but trust me.... It wasn't!

Overall, my assessment of the process of painting this artwork is that it's been a very personal and maddeningly pleasant experience.  Maddening, because, well, I've just told you about my "issues" and I'm sure I've lamented about all the problems I've encountered in earlier posts.

It's pleasant and personal because it features things I love: my blue vase is featured in the painting, as are my lemons (which are now all but a memory as they've been squeezed liberally over pancakes before they went mouldy.  Mmmmm Pancakes with sugar and lemon - try it if you haven't, it's a delicious alternative to maple syrup. Yes, I know I digress from the topic on hand, but you must admit it is very wonderful that you can  come visit me and get handy cooking suggestions as well as share my art.  Right, back to business... ;-)); my mountains in the background (I like to pretend I own the mountains, even if I know deep down they belong "to the people and mother earth"); and my tree (nothing special to add there).  

A close up of a section of the painting  to show you some detail. 

So, what do you think?  Do you like it?  Success?  Thumbs up?  Go back and start again?  Let me know.  I'm always curious to hear what others think (and I sometimes get lonely being the only one writing here).

Personally, I think I'd like to try another scene similar to this one to see if I can improve second time around.  Once I finally recover from the "maddening" part of the process, that is.

Anyway, thanks ever so much for stopping by!  I'll see you around soon,



  1. I think it looks very good! The detail that you have added to the foreground, particularly the leaves and the curtains, is excellent. I love the colours and how they are brought out in this painting. The mountains in the background create a very relaxing image to look at. It may have been frustrating, but I think that it has turned out well in the end!

  2. Thank you anonymous for your kind words, it is such lovely encouragement to hear and music to my ears!

  3. Hi Kate,
    I love this picture!! I love the colours and I can see it's not as simple as it looks - just like a beep test - but now I digress! LOL
    I love your style of writing - very conversational.
    Keep up the great work and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  4. Thanks for your comment Slimosophy. I'm glad you enjoyed my post and my picture! :-)


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