Tuesday, 6 March 2012

That's Mr. Wagtail To You

Does anyone else recall how when you were a little kid (back in the day), you always used to call grown-ups Mr and/or Mrs X?  And how suddenly, one-day you're a grown up and you still continue to find yourself calling these very same adults Mr and/or Mrs X?  And this is despite as a proper adult you now realise these Mr and/or Mrs X are actually less than twenty-five years older than you and you are now nearing  f-f-f-f-forty?  And not only that, you realise you will continue to always call them Mr and/or Mrs X, because using their first name after all this time just feels so totally and utterly wrong? (Come now, I can't be the only person out there who feels this way!)

Well, when I completed this tiny study of a charming Willie Wagtail a couple of days ago (one of a few in acrylics), I decided that this here bird would definitely be known as a Mr. (full-stop intentional) Wagtail.  Under no circumstances would there be a friendly shortening to Willie or Will, or him requesting to be known as the Wills-meister.  No Siree, he would definitely be called and known as Mr. Wagtail.

Mr. Wagtail ONLY, or there would be consequences. (Pooping on my clean washing or on my car perhaps?)

I'm primed for action if you call me anything other than Mr. Wagtail!
See what I mean?  Yes, I realise Mr. Wagtail may be fairly poorly executed, but I do feel comfortable in declaring that I believe I have managed to successfully convey a certain atti-tood.  I hope you agree!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  I'll see you around soon (hopefully with all my washing intact),


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  1. Love the willy wag tail. Yes I remember calling adults I met as Mr and Mrs. Aunties and Uncles were called that. Nowadays first names rule, but I still think it nice when I hear a young person address someone as Mr or Mrs.
    You work is delightful Kate.


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