Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Introducing Twinkle Eyes

I'd like you all to meet my latest little pastel study, Twinkle Eyes (Twinkle for short):

I'm most certainly not being biased (well, OK, maybe I am being just a tad), when I say Twinkle has the twinkliest eyes you have ever seen.  And those twinkly eyes are coupled with the cheekiest little elfin smile which I'm sure gives you just a teeny-tiny hint of the mischief he is capable of.

Trust me, I'm sure even Twinkle would agree that whilst he's a lovely little boy, he sometimes knows no bounds when it comes to twinkly deeds of frolicsomeness.

[Yes, as an aside, you read the word "frolicsomeness" correctly.  It does exist - I looked up the thesaurus because I didn't want to use the word mischief twice in a row. As soon as I saw the word, I knew I had to use it.  I love this word so much, I think it is destined to become part of my everyday vocabulary.  I can picture it now, Hubby (upon his return home from work):  "How was your day today darling?" Kate: "Why thank you for asking, dear hubby. It's been full of fun and frolicsomeness."  See!  Perfect.]

Twinkle was drawn using a combo of Conte pastels, pastel pencils and Art-spectrum pastels on Canson pastel paper and took me around two hours to complete.

I'm thinking I may go back and tweak Twinkle in a couple of days as errors become more apparent.  It's really true about the idea of putting your pictures away for a couple of days in order to see your work with "fresh" eyes.

When I analyse this picture I realise that whilst I'm not as good as I want to be (and goodness knows if that will ever happen!), I can see that I have made progress this past year.  Click on this link here to see for yourself.  You have my permission to giggle or scream out in horror (either reaction is permissible.  Personally I like to alternate between the two for greatest effect.).

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by.  Be sure to come back and visit and partake in some more frolicsomeness in the near future!



  1. He is gorgeous, he looks like he should be in a musical stage production of Oliver Twist. I think people are beyond me, but I will never say never.

    Frolicsomeness is a great word, I will have to find somewhere to use it, probably Tai Chi, my ladies like words like this one :)

  2. I agree that he does look gorgeous and that his eyes do have a beautiful twinkle and sparkle! The way you have drawn his eyes and smile does bring out a frolicsome and thoughtful spirit. You have definitely shown improvement since your last attempt :-)

  3. Awwww, thanks so much for your lovely comments. Twinkle has just come home from school and has seen himself for the first time and was quite impressed with this attempt, so it is doubly nice to know that others agree with him! :-)

    KJ, the big thing I'm learning about drawing or painting people is that you have to keep persisting and to laugh off rather than get discouraged by all dodgy attempts. I'm still not there yet, but I am slowly finding it becoming less daunting to tackle the proportions, sense of colour, light and tone when I'm trying to draw or paint a person.

    I can completely understand your hesitancy however - You may note that I haven't drawn a lot below the head yet, mostly because I'm of the opinion that if I can't get a head correct, good luck to me trying to draw a body! This is something I keep telling myself that I need to get brave and start trying to tackle in the near future.

  4. Fantastic!!! I knew exactly who it was as soon as I opened my e-mail and smiled to myself thinking... "she's nailed it!"
    Go you!


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