Thursday, 1 March 2012

Self Portrait #5 - Believe It Or Not It's Just Me

Why is it I am stuck in a 1980's music time-warp at the moment?

First it was Pretty In Pink, now The Greatest American Hero.  I can only fear what catch-tune my sub-conscious will think of next - hopefully not the theme from A Country Practice or Love Boat.

Perhaps somebody could kindly suggest a song from the 1990's to bring me a little closer to the present.  Just not the B52's.  Or Enya.

Anyway, today's offering is a quick doodle of moi.   For those of you saying "Yeah sure, Kate, you're not that gorgeous and you certainly don't have long hair!", the inspiration was from a photo of me taken just before I was married when I was young, was gorgeous and had long hair.  Where did those days go? <insert wistful sigh here>

I'm still not convinced I look entirely like me, but hubby does assure me that "he can definitely see me in the drawing" and that "I'm certainly improving".  It can't be hard for him to say that when you consider what my first drawings looked like:

Anyway, I'll leave you to ponder whether I do look like I look like in this picture.  (I love a tricky nonsensical sentence on occasion.) Or whether I don't.  I'm not telling.  I like to think it adds to part of my mystique....

Thanks so much for visiting me, I hope to see you around soon!


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