Friday, 24 June 2011

Driven to Abstract(ion)

According to Wikipedia:

Abstraction uses a strategy of simplification, wherein formerly concrete details are left ambiguous, vague, or undefined; thus effective communication about things in the abstract requires an intuitive or common experience between the communicator and the communication recipient.

I'm not sure I've completely achieved the notion as my husband, when he first set eyes on this little number, said

"Kate, I don't get it.  What IS it exactly?  Is it some kind of rock?"  He looked at it some more and then added "The funny thing is that whilst I don't get it, I actually am surprised to say I really kinda like it!" 

In case you are curious, this artwork does have some abstraction for me (and Ms Kathy at least).  It's my abstract, mixed media version of something animal or mineral.  I'm not going to say what precisely, because the whole point is that you should add your own meaning to the painting.

I LOVED creating this piece.  I'm thinking I may even add a little more to it, just because I can.  I've never really been grabbed by abstract art before, but this was just so much fun, I think I may try it out some more!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :-)

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  1. Hi Kate first time posting on your blog. :) I just never feel comfortable commenting on something I don't really understand, however today I am trying something new. I like the abstract piece. In my eye I see that it is a woman reclining on a rock in the sun. She has undergone breast surgery, as I can see the crve that reminds me of a breast, and then the blue little criss crosses on the bottom remind me of stitches. I hope I am not offending you with my naieve interpretations of your art. But I do like it and if you add to it would like to see more. Love the colours too.


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