Wednesday, 29 June 2011

May I Direct Your Eyes For A Moment...

To the smaller artworks down the right side of my blog, (located underneath the blog archive).

<Gasp!> Yes, this blog has a new feature! If you click on any of these artworks you'll be automatically directed to their associated post.  How cool is that?!  No more searching through any pesky archives.  Don't you love it when I make your life just that much easier?!

Oh and while you are visiting over there, I wanted to let you know that there is also a follow and subscribe button.  This nifty feature enables you to receive my latest updates straight into your email account as soon as they are posted. 

(I will admit to you that I also get very excited when I get a new follower or subscriber, because it tells me that you like what I'm doing.  I swear that when I get a new subscriber or follower, I giggle and jump up and down with glee.  There's now a little scratched up, worn spot on the timber floor, right beside my computer from all the jumping.  Up until now, I've been blaming it on the kids.  Shhhh - it will be our little secret! ;-)  Sooooo, go on, go ahead and make my day and help me scratch my floor up just a little more - it's all for a good cause after all.  Feeling good.  What better cause is there than that?!)) 

The purpose of this post is to also reassure you that I haven't been ignoring you these past few days.  I've been encountering a few camera "issues" downloading my artwork into my blog.  I also currently have my children home from school on holidays and can you believe it, they actually want my attention.  Heaven forbid!

Anyway, I'm endeavouring to get the situation rectified as soon as I can, and my posts will resume as normal in a jiffy.  (Well, rectify the camera issues.  The holiday "issue" will resolve itself in around 13 days time.) 

So, while you are here, why not sample or relive some Kate nostalgia by having a look at some of my older posts, or clicking on an artwork?  You never know what you might find!

Please come back to visit over the next couple of days to see what interesting artwork I come up with next.

Till then, have fun exploring my blog!

Love, Kate XO

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