Friday, 17 June 2011

Hooray, I Finished! First Still Life Painting

And I am so thrilled with how it has turned out!  Here, check it out:

Who says fruit can be una-peeling?*
Ms Kathy suggested that I work some more on improving the plum at the back.  Can you believe the smallest piece of fruit was the hardest to paint?  It has nearly driven me mad - so badly, I now fear I shall have plum induced nightmares tonight. (I'm sure my husband will hear me randomly muttering throughout the wee hours of the morning "No, purple...It has to be purple... Shadow, highlight... No-no-no, what have you done? Kate, put it back!")

Still, I shall look past the plum and reiterate that I actually love this painting.  It is definitely a keeper.  Unless I decide to sell it.  Oh, the dilemma.






Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend everyone! x

(*Yes, I know it is a typo.  Get it? Don't know about you, but I love a bad joke.  ;-))

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