Monday, 6 June 2011

My First Attempt at a Self Portrait

Here is my first ever attempt at drawing myself and a cute appendage.  The source was a photo from a couple of years ago. To those of you who know me in the flesh - Yes - I did *so* look that much younger back then! ;-)

I used charcoal on purple paper (which I 'borrowed' from my children's craft paper pile) to sketch this picture. 

Can't say it really looks like me, but I had to start somewhere! 
I'd say I probably spent around 20 - 30 minutes on this study.  I primarily wanted to see if my drawing skills were slowly and steadily improving.  At this point, I think I kind of look human, which is an improvement on some of my "life" drawings that I attempted earlier in the year.  I think I might try and draw this picture again in a month or two, to see how I develop.  Until then... Onwards and upwards, right?!

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