Friday, 7 October 2011

Finished! Does Anyone Else Love Tree Tunnels?

Hello there!

Hope this finds you well and happy on a wet and gloomy Brisneyland day.  Honestly, whatever happened to Spring?

Anyway, after a couple of weeks waiting for the oil paint to dry, I'm (sort of) happy to present my completed tree tunnel painting:

To be honest, my feeling is the painting isn't quite as successful as I would have hoped, but I figure ultimately that it will do.  I am however, quite pleased that this experience was great practice working on the notion of perspective and exploring the blending capacity of the oil paint.  It really is quite different to working with acrylic, that's for sure!

In case you are wondering, my incredibly scientific conclusions regarding the blendability of oil paint is that it blends - it blends- it blends but then suddenly it turns to something that looks suspiciously like the contents of a newborn's nappy.    Truly.  All that's missing is the smell.  So, if you want to use oil paint, please learn from my baby doo-doo experience and don't repeat my mistakes! ;-)

On that smelly note, I think I'll wrap up this post.

I hope you kind of like it and you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend full of sunshine and laughter.

I'll see you next week,


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  1. I like it. I can feel the height of the trees and I am wondering where the path is going. The colour is great :)


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