Monday, 31 October 2011

How to Embarrass Your Children in One Easy Step - Part 3


I thought you may be interested to see how my nudie-rudie lady has come along in recent days.  Here, have a look:

What do you think?  Like how she is turning out?

Sadly, I must confess there is one aspect of this painting that is continuing to really bother me and cause me great angst. Now, before I go on, I need to disclose that I'm aware this particular issue is rather like an elephant in a closet - however, I've decided regardless that I am going to be upfront and honest and will just put it out there and say it as it is.  Here I go:

I just can't "do" boobies.  Oh, sorry, I actually meant to say, paint breasts. (Sorry about that.  Sometimes I know I lack a little decorum.)

I am *so* *frustrated*.  In my mind, they should be easy to paint.  Afterall, I have a pair - I grew them myself.  And I see them every day.  I've even spent years putting them to good use. (Now don't go having a dirty mind, I meant feeding my children when they were babies.)

Yet despite these incredibly important facts, for the life of me, I just just can't seem to paint them.  (On a canvas I mean, not my own pair. That, I probably could do if I wanted.  Except I don't think I want to go there.)

Be honest with me here, when you look at her and notice her breasts, don't you agree that they are *so* incredibly pert that you feel like you just want to hate her?   I mean, who on earth has a real set of breasts as pert and gravity-defying as this?  Certainly not anyone I know.

Oh well.

I think I've nearly finished painting this lady.  The biggest thing I've got to decide is whether I leave her as a perfect vision of a "reclining implant" or whether I try yet again to paint her breasts in a way to make them look more realistic and natural.  What do you think?


  1. I don't know, who said they have to be real? And she does have her arms up so her "boobies" would be hoisted up. I like to think my look perkier if I raise my arms while lying down, though I think they just fall to the side. Can you let us dream we could look like that? :)

  2. Oh, ok KJ, you've convinced me. I'll let the imperfectly perfect boobies stay. Thanks for your feedback! :-)


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