Monday, 3 October 2011

There Was a Wee Lass Named Kate

Whose palette knife made her irate.

The harder she tried,

The more that she sighed,

So she flung the knife in the bin; stomped her foot really hard on the ground; threw a tantrum that was more impressive than all three of her children combined could ever hope to achieve; and decided that it would be quite some time before she used such a tortuous implement again.  She then ate half a chocolate cake in an attempt to assuage her battered artistic soul.*

*It wasn't quite that extreme in reality - I didn't eat the cake.  Mainly because it was getting late and I couldn't be bothered baking one.  I had to settle for a bowl full of stuffed olives instead.  They don't sound quite as impressive or soul-satisfying as cake though, do they?  Nevermind.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll see you 'round with a hopefully more successful artwork later this week. :-)



  1. It was an interesting little movie that played along in my head as I read your post LOL

    Lovely yellow happy painting you have there :D

  2. Tee hee - Glad you liked it KJ! There is nothing quite like an appallingly half written limerick to lift your spirits after a dodgy artistic effort. :-)


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