Tuesday, 18 October 2011

In Pursuit of Pastel Perfection - Part 1


I am suddenly feeling so inspired to just draw women from all different eras.  I loved my 1920's lady in yesterday's post so much, that I just had to use my pastels to draw another one.  This lady has also been drawn freehand on the same Canson paper, using my Art Spectrum and Conte pastels.  I looked at a couple of photos for how to draw the hats and then had fun creating my own.  I decided she needed a glamorous fur across her shoulders.

Here, have a look at the portrait so far (probably around two hours worth of work):

Do you like her?  I have to be honest with you and say even if you don't, so far I am utterly thrilled with how she is turning out.  I love the fact that she has a look in her eyes that says "Just you try me you scoundrel and I'll knock your socks to kingdom come!".  Or something like that.

Of course, as you may have guessed by the Part 1 in the title, she isn't finished yet.  I need to do some more work to do around her neck and chest.  I need to get the skin tone correct; emphasise the collar bones and hollows of the neck, strengthen the shoulder line a little and making the fur look even more furry.  Oh, and colour in the background.  I was thinking of going for a dark olive green, to really make the red pop.  What do you think?  Do you like the colour choice?

 I just really hope I can finish her tomorrow and that I don't muck her up!

Take care and I hope you'll stop by to see the finished product!


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