Friday, 28 October 2011

SHH - Not feeling the love... (Finished)


I hope this finds you all well and delightfully happy.  Me? Why I am just fine and dandy, thanks ever so much for wondering.

Today's post features a completed oil painting of my pal Sooty-Hoot-Hoot the owl (affectionately known as 'Shh').

Yes, for those of you who realise that I actually started Shh in July, I realise I've been naughty not posting about him 'til now, but trust me when I say I truly have paid a penance for my sins. Now, don't go rolling your eyes at your screen - I *so* have and I'm going to tell you why!  Can you imagine my horror when I just stood on the scales last week and discovered I've somehow miraculously managed to put on 7kg in three months?  It wasn't pretty.  (At least I can say I've well and truly disproved my hypothesis that cheese and wine are diet products.)

Anyway, now because of my sudden "blow out", I have the unenviable task of removing said 7kg from my frame.  Do(ug)h!

Why, you may wonder, would I mention this in an art blog? Well, you see, I figure my aberration is severe enough that it's worth at least one "Kate didn't post her finished painting on time and is a naughty girl, but I understand and forgive her" get-out-of-trouble-pass from you.  Did it work?  Do you feel any pity for me at all?  No?  Well it was worth a try.

Anyway, enough rambling.  You probably actually want to see the painting, don't you?  Here you go:

(Yes, that is the reflection of my WATER (not wine) glass on the painting.)

When you look at Shh, I want you to recall that I'd mentioned back in July that I was finding Shh incredibly frustrating to paint.   Well, as I continued my painting, I can tell you that my feelings didn't change. His head may be tiny, but caused so many problems he nearly became kindling for my teacher's fire on many an occasion.

Looking at the finished study now, I think he looks pretty amateurish (go figure, maybe that's 'cause I am(!)) but I like to think I managed to create what resembled more of an owl than a blob.  And for that I'm grateful.

Anyway, thanks ever so much for stopping by today and seeing whatever happened to Shh, I hope to see you around next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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