Sunday, 16 October 2011

Self Portrait #4 - Yes, it's Me Again!

Hi There!

Meet "Country Kate" - my latest attempt at completing a self-portrait.   The medium used to create this self portrait was charcoal pencil and was inspired by a favourite photo taken of me a loooooonnnnngggg time ago in the mid 1990's, when I was but a wee-lass.  My, how time flies.  I never thought I'd get old back then, that's for sure!

Overall, I found it to be a pleasant experience to draw "Country Kate" using my  cheapy charcoal pencils for the first time (12 for 3 bucks, what a bargain!).

I must say I really liked the way I could easily apply a smooth layer of soft grey colour - and the 'lead" didn't snap at all and was easy to sharpen, which was fabulous!  What wasn't quite so appealing was the fact that I found it incredibly difficult to erase any mistakes (not a good thing when you are a beginner like me); it was difficult to smudge and nigh impossible to get the image any darker than a mid grey.  Oh well.  I guess that's what I get for nabbing a bargain.  Sometimes you do get what you pay for.  (Darn it.)

Overall, I don't mind me.  I like my lips. And my nose.  I can however, still see a few dodgy areas which I need to address, but figure I'll work out how to address these "issues" in the future with more practice.  Like how to place and draw ears.  I still must say I just don't get it.  I am at the point where I am starting to find it ear-ly annoying.  (Ah-hahaha, I love a bad play on words.)

I'm also not sure whether the finished "Country Kate" actually looks like "Kate".  Nevermind.

Still, it is an improvement on my earlier drawings of moi, and that's all I really ask for.

Anyway, I'll wrap it up now and just say thanks heaps for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to - I hope to see you 'round later in the week.

Oh, and wish me luck, for it's a pupil free day tomorrow and I have all the kidlets home from school. Eek!


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