Wednesday, 19 October 2011

In Pursuit of Pastel Perfection - Finished

Hi There!

Following on from yesterday's post where I started work on a pastel creation of a 1920's lady, I'm pleased to say I've now had a chance to do some more work on her and she is now pretty much finished.  Here, have a look:

Better?  I hope so!

I don't know that I ever claim that she's perfect (of course not!), but I can tell you that I really have tried my best.  It was an interesting experience and I can say I learnt a few new tricks in the course of completing this pastel work.  In that respect, I consider this artwork to be a roaring success.  (Gosh I sound mature, where on earth did that come from?!)

Anyway, thanks ever so much for stopping by and seeing my finished lady, I hope to see you have a return visit soon!


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