Monday, 23 January 2012

Living in the Land of Make Believe


Today's post features a watercolour study of a make believe landscape. I used a picture initially as inspiration, but soon decided that enough was enough and I decided to go for it and use my imagination as my source of inspiration.  After finishing the painting, I decided to name the location as being Katesville.  It' s a magical place full of fluffy kittens, butterflies, chocolate, cheese and all the things I love.  Oh, how I wish I could live there (sometimes).

I'm sure you're wondering why I'd bother to go off on a tangent and disregard a perfectly good picture to invent a scene?

A couple of reasons. Aside from avoiding any possible copyright infringement issues, the wonderful thing about make believe is that it's an opportunity for your imagination to run free.  It's an opportunity to have fun changing things to suit your vision, just because you want to and you can.

Think about it, how often in life do you get to have such control and influence to do things just the way *you* want, just because you "want" to?   It was a wonderful experience, I dare you to try it yourself!

I'll see you around soon,


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