Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Playing With Graphite


I was lucky enough to receive some good quality graphite pencils for Christmas.  I know, I know, I'm spoilt! As today is such a gloomy, rainy day in Brisneyland, I decided to pull them out for a play and an experiment.

I decided to try painting a watercolour wash for the flower petals and then use graphite pencil and a soft cream pencil to draw over the top of the watercolour to add in details.

The flowers were that of a yellow climbing rose.  To be honest, I'm not terribly sure how successful this little painting is.  It seems quite "heavy" for a rose picture.  And I'm not even sure the roses look like roses, since they have delicate texture and this is quite thick and lumbrous.  (Yes, I know that lumbrous isn't a word, but I think you agree that it should be.  Please start using as part of your vocabulary today.  Together, I'm sure we can get this word accepted as part of the English vernacular.)

At this point you are probably thinking "Kate, how on earth could you expect it to be "light" when you decided to outline the roses using a thick, black graphite?!"  And the only thing I can think to reply to you with is "Don't know.  Just did."  Hey, I never claimed to be an expert.  Sometimes I honestly believe that I learn more from my mistakes than my accomplishments.  Only sometimes though.  The rest of the time I just feel frustrated!

Hmmmmmm.  It might be back to the drawing board with this type of experimentation.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you around soon!


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