Friday, 27 January 2012

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Sunshine on a rainy day
Makes my soul, makes my soul, trip, trip, trip away 

(Lyrics From "Sunshine On a Rainy Day" by Christine Anu)

Meet "Sunshine", a drawing of a budgerigar just like the one my husband used to own when he was a little boy.  I decided to draw Sunshine today because the weather has been so lousy that I felt I needed something loving, bright and colourful to lift my soul and spirits and make my world feel a less grey and drab. 

Sunshine was the ultimate budgie.  In fact, he was more than ultimate - he was a legend.  By night, Sunshine would sleep in a cage just beside my husband's bed, scaring away the big, bad monsters.  By day, Sunshine would sit on my husband's shoulder as he'd ride his Dragster bike, exploring the local (and not so local) neighbourhood.  I always wish I'd had the opportunity to see that little boy riding his bike with a bright yellow bird sitting on his shoulder!

Sunshine was drawn using my brand new Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.  They are beautiful to draw with and I'm really pleased with how my very first coloured pencil artwork has turned out.  (Even if I was too lazy to fill the grain of the background with pencil. Maybe I'll get around to it later.)   If you have never used a good quality pencil to try and draw or colour in with, I am telling you, seriously, you MUST try it.  Borrow some if you have to.  Beautiful.  It will be very hard to go back to using cheap pencils, I can tell you!  

I hope that perhaps my drawing of Sunshine has brightened your day.  Have a wonderful weekend!


PS:  For those of you who'd like to hear the song I was referring to at the beginning of my post, you can see the video clip here


  1. I love this Kate and the story behind it. I often think that I would like to have known my hubby when he was a kid too.
    Keep up the fantastic work, quite a talent there.

  2. The story brought a lump to my throat. I remember those times. That was a very sweet thing to do. Love the drawing.


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