Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Emergence of Me

Hi There!

Continuing on from yesterday's post (featuring a pencil drawing of a woman), I decided it was timely for me to attempt yet another self portrait.  (Self portrait drawing is a personal barometer I use to gauge my "drawing of faces ability" - to see whether I am improving - or not.  Afterall, I know what I look like, even if you can't tell from looking at my picture.  Yet, anyhow. ;-))

Without further ado, please find September's version of me  - now with short hair.  Yep, it's true, I cut it all off a couple of months ago.  Here I am with a rare serious, thoughtful pose:

Hmmm, what should I make for dinner tonight?

Yes, to answer your question, I do have pouty lips in real life.  Perhaps not quite *this* pouty, but still... And yes, my eyes are naturally are quite squinty and close set.   Hey, I've never claimed to be a model!  Overall, I think my placement of features within the face is slowly improving and I can definitely tell that I'm starting to get more of an idea using strategic shading to give a 3D effect. Looking at the picture on screen, I possibly could have used even more shading.  And moved an eye over a little. Oh well.  It's all about learning.

Now, for fun, let's compare my latest offering against June's Self Portrait Drawing.  Here I am:

Hmmmm.  Interesting.  I've managed to achieve the "bump" in my nose here, and the shape of my lips is ok.  However, my eyes are still looking um, extraordinarily not like me! There is hardly any shading here at all, giving my face quite a "flat" look.

And now, for fun (or pain, I'm not sure) let's compare today's portrait against my first two versions of "me":

First ever self portrait in June - Ummm, I tried?!
Wedding day self portrait (looking a little like a drag queen here!) 
 Well... words kind of defeat me a little here.  I'm a little embarrassed.


That's not right to feel this way.

You know what?  I'm going to say I'm proud of my early dodgy pictures - because they my be crappy, however they are a true reflection of how far I've come these past eight months.  Everyone had to start somewhere, right?  Especially me!

All I can say is I am filled with excitement to wonder what I'll be able to achieve in another eight month's time.

Frustratingly, only time will tell.

See you round,


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