Friday, 8 July 2011

Not Feeling the Love...

With my first oil painting.

I'm sad to say that Sooty-Hoot-Hoot (Shh) isn't quite turning out the way I hoped.   (You can read Shh's  background story here.)

My teacher, Ms Kathy, says not to give up yet as Shh is only half finished.  I guess I should be realistic in accepting I can't expect everything to work out 100% of the time. 

I'm not going to give up on using oils though (*yet*).  I like their blending capacity and the fact that I can create different effects that would be really tricky to create using acrylics. I will definitely explore this type of paint some more in the future.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Come back next week to see if I can salvage the painting!

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