Wednesday, 13 April 2011

After The Storm....

Today's acrylic was my first adventure into the world of painting flowers.  The inspiration behind this painting was growing sunflowers in my garden after a very nasty storm which caused a lot of damage to my home.  (Put it this way, we were out of our home for nearly nine months in order to repair the damage.) 

Sadly, following this event, my young children were very scared of rain and storms. 

My husband and I decided that something positive must be done and that nature should be the answer.  Why?
Because nature caused us this heartache in the first place, so it seemed reasonable to us that nature could damn* well take some responsibility and fix the heartache as well!

As a result, we grew the sunflowers to teach the children that rain is a part of nature. To explain that without water, you can't grow beautiful flowers.  From the moment the seeds were planted in the ground, every time it rained we (my husband and I) would say "Oh look boys, it's raining! This will help the sunflowers grow!"  The children loved watching the seeds grow and climb into the sky until one day they burst into beautiful flower.

It was a magical day of accomplishment and celebration in my family I can tell you!

This experience was very therapeutic - not only for them, but for me as well.  I like how now, when I have a bad day and life is feeling pretty rough, I imagine the sunflowers - for they helped made me realise that sometimes in life you've gotta go through storms and rain in order to enjoy the beautiful flowers at the end.

*Apologies for the use of this word.  However, if you'd been through what we've been through, you would use it too!

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