Monday, 25 April 2011

Hello Blossoms!

Almond, that is.

I'm excited to announce that I  have made a decision.  (Yes, in case you were wondering, I am capable of making one. Sometimes. I think.)

I hereby declare that for the next two and a half weeks I am going to dedicate myself to only drawing all things flowers and leaves. 

OK, stop groaning. Please. Seriously. Just let me explain why.  It's really deep, really symbolic and I think you'll like it. 

OK, I lied.  It isn't deep and meaningful at all.

I borrowed a book from the library on how to draw flowers.  As the book is due back in two and a half weeks, I shall time my projects for this amount of time.  I am ultimately a goody-two shoes and I don't want to be fined for overdue books.  No doubt, by the end of these eighteen or so days, I shall be sick and tired of flowers and will want to move on to something else.  Perhaps monster trucks.  (The other option on the library bookshelf.  You gotta love City Council Libraries!)

 Where possible, I shall draw flowers from real life.   And if I feel in the mood some day, I shall tell you the name and title of the book I'm using to give me the tips and pointers.  In the meantime, I'm not gunna tell you! I can say that all pictures featured here shall be altered so that I can't get in lots of trouble for being a copy cat.  So there.

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  1. I like this because of the pretty pink colours. I think this is the new favourite. Love Kara xx


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