Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sunflowers 2 - Poetry in Action...

 I thought it would be fun(?) to describe what artistic endeavours have been taking place this week in the form of a rubbishy an outstanding piece of poetry. <tee-hee!>

Step 1-  Preparing design on paper

Step 2 - Painting background 

~Kate's Ode to Sunflowers~

Step 3 - Blocking in initial flower petals
 Early today I sat & thought - 
'What to do
With the canvas I bought?' 

'Should I paint
A car, a train?
Should I paint me
Soaked from rain?'

'Should it be fun,
Or illustrate power?'
I wondered again later,
While in the shower.

And then like a jolt,
It occurred to me,
To paint more sunflowers
To let me see,
Whether my skills
Were getting a smidge better, 
Or whether my painting ability
Was starting to fester. 

 I'm wondering with interest
As I go about creating
'Will it be fabulous or dreadful, 
This sunflower painting?'

The End*

Classy, right?! Should I give up my day job?  No?
[*I decree that all really bad poems wonderful poetic masterpieces must end with 'The End'.]

Stay tuned for progress shots over upcoming days!  

[Edited to say:  You can see the finished painting here....] 

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