Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sunflowers 2 - The Finished Painting

And I'm cheering!
The completed painting

I finished,
I finished,
I really, really finished...
I finished,
I finished,
At last it is COMPLETE!" 

I am very happy with how this painting has turned out in the end.  When I compare this painting side by side with my 'After the Storm' painting, I can see that my painting skills are slowly starting to develop.  As you would be aware if you read my earlier posts, I did hit a few roadblocks along the way (the great 'whoopsie' Impasto incident anyone?), but in the end I feel that I managed to do some justice to these beautiful flowers.  (Sorry about the background, I was so excited to photograph the finished painting, that I forgot to remove the newspaper I was working on! I'm sure professional bloggers are cringing, but this is just the way I am.  As far as I'm concerned, in life sometimes you've sometimes just gotta ignore the papers.)

Close up of the large flowers
So what do I personally like about this painting? I love the way the petals curl at the ends - to me they give a sense of movement and I think I can see some improvement with adding depth to the various flowers.  I like the rich red background as well - it contrasted nicely with the colour palette I selected. 

All that is left is to think of a suitable title!  Suggestions?

Finally, in case you are wondering, I've already started work on my next artistic endeavour - another commission - wish me luck! :-)

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