Sunday, 10 April 2011

Pete the Pastel Peacock

On this laaaaazy Sunday afternoon I decided to try drawing a bird for the first time.  No, dear reader, in case it is reeeaally bad, it is not a budgie, or a magpie, or a seagull - it's a picture of a peacock!

The inspiration for this picture was from a photograph taken by my eldest son at Alma Park Zoo last year.

Originally Pete (the peacock - I like to give my creatures a name!) was drawn all by himself.  A big, bright and bold creature on a burgundy background. I loved the colour contrast, but really didn't like the way Pete looked like he was floating in air.  [Still I wasn't sure I should do something until a variance of words from the old The Muppet Show somehow came into my head - "It's... Peacocks In Sppppaaaaacccceeee!" That wouldn't do - something must be done!]

Because I can and I could, I decided to add lots of smudgy, tropically earthy background colour and gentle texture in an attempt to 'ground' Pete.

I kinda like it!  I can't help but wonder, is it boring?  Is it dynamic enough?  Are peacock pictures a dime a dozen?  Oh well, what's done is done - welcome to the family Pete! 


  1. I would like that as a birthday present.

    Or something like it.

    Wouldn't it look amazing painted on fabric?

  2. I love that you have named him. When I read that he has a name it made me smile. I also like the blues and greens.

    It really is wonderful!

    Love Kara

  3. Thank you! He makes me smile too when I look at him. When I first drew him, the name just leapt into my head and so I thought to myself - you must be called Pete! ;-)


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